Unified Communications (UC) connects your various comms methods into one cohesive solution. Work quicker and smarter.

Workforce mobility brings huge advantages but can create communication delays or shortfalls (missed phone calls or unanswered emails for example).

Effective business communications on the move really can steal a march on your competitors.

There are many different communications and collaboration technologies available, each with advantages depending on your circumstances. Sometimes a group text will do the job fine. Other times, face-time is vital for a more nuanced conversation.

Ineffective communication and duplication can all be avoided with well implemented and adopted unified communications solutions.



Clarion’s flexible Unified Communication Solutions feature: IP telephony (voice and video), unified messaging, conference facilities, email, collaboration tools, video conferencing, text messaging and presence visibility.

We offer you fully integrated UC platforms, enabling a collaborative user experience to streamline business processes across all your devices, anytime, anywhere.


  • Choosing the best mode of delivery for your comms.
  • Reduce travel time, cost and delays with audio, video and web conferencing.
  • Access Voicemail, Email and Instant Messaging from any device.
  • Eliminate delays with ‘presence’ indicators and select the best form of contact
  • Remove costs for expensive infrastructure.

Your Move to UC

Careful planning, deployment and especially user training is essential to make sure your team, clients and customers truly benefit from the unified communication evolution.

Clarion will advise you on transition from or integration with – your existing phone system and software based unified communications.

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