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About Our Service:

Can we get a free audit/review?

Absolutely. We will review any or all areas of your communications. Our unique audit software allows us to analyse your billing and compare thousands of tariffs across various voice and data services to find you the optimum deal.

All our findings are returned to you promptly, in a jargon-free report, illustrating savings and suggested operational and productivity gains.

Can we trial any of Clarion’s Services?

Many of our voice, data and IT Support services are available on a trial period and we can often send out sample hardware.

How do you guarantee your services?

Services come with clearly defined Service Level Agreements, setting out response and fix times where definable. These depend on the nature of the fault and Care Levels. On all occasions we strive to deliver service as speedily and efficiently as possible.

How do we find out costs for your services?

Use the contact form or drop us an email: and we will forward you pricing on any area you are interested in. Some pricing is location-specific so please provide your postcode.

Moving to Clarion

We are in contract, can Clarion help?

We are always happy to look at your existing Agreement, help you reduce charges for remaining contract period and avoid excessive leaving charges. We might even be able to buy you out of your existing contract.

How easy is it to make the switch to Clarion?

We have been transitioning clients over to our services for almost 20 years. We will clearly lay out transfer steps and liaise with existing suppliers to arrange seamless transfer of your service.

Is there flexibility on contract length for services?

For most Telecoms and IT services we can be flexible on term length, except where upfront costs have been spread over a fixed period to help manage your cash-flow.

Some contracts can be as little as 30 days. NB We only ever offer our clients lengthy contracts if there are significant financial advantages to them

Can we transfer my existing numbers over to Clarion?

Absolutely if you are moving to a location serviced by the same Exchange.

If not, there are other options available that allow you to leave a recorded message, have calls forwarded from your previous number and even show your old number when you dial out.

We can also lift your number permanently from the physical change and turn it into a VoIP number which means you can take it with you to any location (along with many other advantages!)

Support Issues:

How do I report a fault?

All Faults can be reported by Telephone on 0333 222 6633

Or email for IT Service queries

Or eMail for any other issues – 24/7, 365 days a year.

All faults will be picked up and logged by the first available operative and responded to according to the applicable Care Level.

How do I check on the progress of an order/fault?

You will be kept abreast of progress at pre-agreed intervals. We can do this by phone, email or SMS.


What are your billing options?

We can deliver bills physically or in soft copy – although from an environmental standpoint, we do strongly encourage avoidance of needless print and stationery use!

What are our payment options?

We accept payment by Direct Debit, via online bank transfer and by cheque. Please email Accounts on: for our bank details.

Key Areas:

Should we move to the Cloud?

There are many advantages of a move to Hosted or Cloud-based services. However, it is important to understand how they would work for your specific business and needs. Please visit our Cloud & Hosted Section for further details on each of the services and their benefits.

How do we check our network is secure?

Please refer to our Network Security section for details.

Equipment Disposal:

Can Clarion buy back my old telephony equipment?

We buy back a wide variety of used ICT equipment, depending on spec, and offer swift quotations and clearance services.

So if you are upgrading current systems, moving office, or just have kit lying around and are unsure how best to dispose of it legally/economically, please get in touch.

Do Clarion offer an IT Disposal service?

Clarion offers a Secure Data Erasure service using Blancco software – the de facto global standard in secure data erasure solutions.

We guarantee absolute data sanitization of all your IT assets, including servers, desktop/laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, SSDs and virtual drives

We then offer the safe disposal or reuse of your equipment

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