Improving Collaboration With Budget-Friendly Unified Communications Solutions

A Unified Comms solution such as Teams Direct Routing gives charities, hospices and NFP’s the ability to improve their foundation’s success by aiding each member of staff to be more efficient and productive. As Microsoft Teams is already utilised by thousands of remote working teams, the Direect Routing functionality enables an all-in-one communication platform with minimal disruption or maitenence.

The Phone System feature in Teams gives you the power to directly replace your existing phone system and fully embrace Unified Communications in a single application.

Combined with the right comms support around you to ensure that the right plans are being utilised, Clarion’s Direct Routing solution can help you save money on your telecoms infrastructure and help your charity or hospice it reeping all the benefits of Unified Communications.

Ask About Our Contended SIP Trunks

Clarion can give you a contended trunk option that will be more economical for your business than calling plans from Microsoft and most other providers.

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    Direct Routing leverages all the benefits of Teams but gives the option to contend SIP Trunks to control costs. If you are looking to use Teams as a unified communication pathway for your business, please call us to assist with your licence, configuration and migration options.

    Lower telephony charges with a contended trunk optionFIND OUT MORE

    Unified Communications Solutions At A Glance

    Seamless Integration

    With Teams Direct Routing, you no longer have to worry about juggling multiple communication tools. Our seamless integration and ensures a low-maintenence, user-friendly experience that allowing your teams to collaborate effortlessly and effectively.

    VoIP PBX Functionality

    High-performance VoIP phone system with comprehensive call management features, like presence, messaging and mobile functionality, this cloud-based communication tool keeps your team connected on the go.

    Low Cost, Easy Set-up

    Quick and simple set-up, with no software client or expensive hardware required. As an additional feature to your existing Teams licence, all you need is an internet connection. The UC solution is fully compatibility with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

    Work Remotely

    Designed for teams who are on-call or caring on the road, Unified Comms enables you to log in from any location – from the office, a fundraising event or when working remotely. Simple, powerful smartphone and webphone apps provide instant access from any device


    Make significant savings with Clarion’s Team UC solution. Our call charges are almost always guaranteed to beat Microsoft’s calling plan prices. Save huge sums on your calls across all users and scale as and when you need to.

    Scalable Solution

    Scale up as your foundation grows. The Teams Direct Routing solution is suitable for organisations of any size, with flexible deployment available for just one location or across several sites.

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    Why Unified Communications Is So Important

    There’s been a buzz around unified communications solutions for a while. UC platforms enable foundations to seamlessly manage all their communications from a single interface. Enabling better collaboration between colleagues, volunteers and fundraisers, Unified Comms platforms act as a central hub for all internal and external calls, conferences and messaging.

    With just a simple installation and extension of your Microsoft licence, you can install the Team Phone system across your organisation. Give your team members comms tools which are engaging and easy to use, thereby leading to greater efficiency and productivity. At the same time, show your community that you are well and truly open, with more communication channels available for visitors to get in touch.

    Cost-effective and adapatble

    Avoid the weight of being tied in to a costly Microsoft calling plan

    Unifies your communications platform

    Experience the future of communications with Unified Comms 

    Utilise inbound/outbound calls

    Full experience of a phone system combined with the features of Microsoft Teams

    Keep your existing inbound numbers

    Avoid the monumental task of updating numbers and contact details

    Contended SIP Trunks available

    Clarion can offer SIP Trunk packages for call resilience and continuity

    Flexible cloud-hosting

    Enjoy the freedom of quick scalability and expansion


    To set up Teams Direct Routing you will need a Session Border Controller (SBC) and the correct licensing from Microsoft. The SBC is a complex but essential part of the network that can be based on site or in the cloud for more flexibility and lower up-front cost. Clarion would provide a cloud-based SBC.

    Session Border Controllers (SBCs) act as controls between different networks, and manage the flow of voice and media data between Teams and a SIP. At the point where the networks converge, the SBC ensures this data is transferred smoothly and securely – much in the same way that a firewalls work for a computer.

    Clarion can supply, configure and manage Session Border Controllers at no additional cost, and we can offer contended SIP Trunks via Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams.


    If you choose a Microsoft 365 Calling Plan to upgrade your telecoms to MS Teams Direct Routing, you first have to take out a minute’s bundle for each user. Once your system is connected you can use Teams via Direct Connect to place or receive business calls, create voice menus, monitor and record calls and queue from landlines and mobile phones on the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

    With the majority of Direct Connect suppliers, you will be required to have a dedicated SIP Trunk for everyone. Worry not, Clarion can provide dedicated SIP Trunks for you and even offer a contended SIP Trunk model but for larger deployments. We understand that not everyone is going to be making a call at the same time, so why pay for more trunks than you need?






    Clarion is an expert provider of unified communications solutions to Charities & NFPs. We have over 20 years telecoms and IT experience, providing expert advice to organisations of all sizes. Please complete the form,  email or call us on 0333 222 6633 to find out more.

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