Unified Communications Solutions 

Boosting productivity through better communication is taking a major step forward.

Our ingeniously-designed,  Unified Communications (UC) solution enables you to transform any web site into a multi-level contact centre, where you can talk, video, message, or share documents with visitors.

Wildix Unified Communications and Collaboration

Wildix is the first PBX system to fully integrate WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication), so visitors to your organisation can phone, send a live chat message, start a video call or share documents…directly through your web site.

And for your team members to respond, all they need is an internet connection. No need to download any client software, install a VPN or add expensive hardware. Just click and go online to collaborate with colleagues, or connect with customers. Join on any device, from anywhere, with no operating system limits.

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses up to 1000 employees, it’s a flexible, scalable system that both you and your customers will love.

  • UC Browser WebRTC
  • VoIP PBX Functionality
  • Low Cost, Easy Set-up
  • Work Remotely
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Scalable Solution
  • Secure-By-Design
  • Reporting & Analysis

Key Benefits

Browser-based Unified Comms (UC) Platform

Comprehensive PBX Telephony Features

Fully WebRTC enabled – no software required

Transforms Any Website Into A Marketing Tool

Voice, Messaging, Video & Chat in one place

Simple Yet Advanced Functionality

Scalable UC Collaboration For SMEs

Connect Remotely From Any Device

Geo-Location Capability for Lead Tracking

Microsoft Teams Integration

Security By Design With Native Encryption For Voice & Data

Extensive Call Reporting Functions

Global Reach – 1.4 Million Users In 135 Countries

Why Unified Communications Is So Important

There’s been a buzz around unified communications solutions for a while. UC platforms enable businesses to join up, and manage all their communications from a single interface. Enabling better collaboration between colleagues, they act as a central hub for all internal and external calls, conferences and messaging.

Until now such platforms always required additional VPN and SBC infrastructures for them to work properly. Wildix is the first Unified Communications & Collaboration solution to integrate your PBX with your web site, thereby removing such set-up barriers at a stroke.

With just a simple click, you can install the Wildix system across your organisation.  Give your team members comms tools which are engaging and easy to use, thereby leading to greater efficiency and productivity. At the same time, show customers that you are well and truly open for business, with more communication channels available for visitors to get in touch.







File Sharing


Unified Communications Solutions At A Glance


Real-time communication with your customers through Wildix WebRTC Kite. Enables direct interaction with visitors on your web pages, via voice, video, messaging and file sharing.

VoIP PBX Functionality

High performance VoIP phone system with comprehensive call management features, like presence, messaging and queuing options for improved service and customer retention.

Low Cost, Easy Set-up

Quick and simple set-up, with no software client or hardware expensive required. All you need is an internet connection. Full compatibility with  Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Scalable Solution

Scale up as your organisation grows. System suitable for SMEs from 50-1000 users, with flexible deployment available for just one location or across several sites.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive, web-based collaboration interface enables staff to use the system straight away – no end-user training or technical knowledge required to get started.

Work Remotely

Log in from any location – from the office, home or when working remotely. Simple, powerful smartphone and webphone apps provide instant access from any device

Secure By Design

Built-in, native encryption system protects voice and data, saving the cost and maintenance of adding SBC or VPN infrastructures to support remote operation.

Reporting & Analysis

Extensive call traffic analysis tools. Configure reports by call, by time, by user. Select from multiple metrics options to monitor communications efficiency.


Nobody remembers phone numbers these days but everyone can find your web site. Make it more than just an entry point for visitors to your organisation by deploying our UC platform so they have more ways to reach you.

Clarion is an expert provider of unified communications solutions to SMEs. We have over 20 years telecoms and IT experience, providing expert advice to organisations of all sizes. Please complete the form,  email or call us on 0333 222 6633 to find out more.

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