The vast majority of key decision-makers understand that properly functioning IT is critical to business success. However a large proportion have concerns about existing systems and support. A recent survey we conducted clearly indicated that an overwhelming majority of SMEs would welcome an independent review.

Accordingly, Clarion are offering a free of charge one-to-one consultation to assess your existing set-up and provide advice on technology and related processes to help your business move forward more efficiently, securely and productively.

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What our consultation offers:

  • A strategic review of any or all parts of your IT set-up

  • Expert guidance on any specific area of concern or interest

  • Impartial advice on technology to help you stay ahead

  • A jargon-free Recommendation Report covering the session

Some areas you may wish to discuss:

Security & Disaster Recovery

Data protection and access should be at the very core of your business concerns. Incidents of Malware and Data Loss are on the rise and can spell commercial disaster. Protecting your critical information from unauthorised access, misuse or destruction needs to be a key priority.

Workforce Mobility

This irreversible trend towards remote and flexible working practices can create substantial productivity gains. Data on the move and BYOD (bring your own device) implementation can also carry major security concerns. Careful implementation is key.

Cloud Computing

Allow us to take you through the pros and cons of Cloud adoption. We will look at how services, such as Microsoft365 and Amazon Web Services  (AWS), can integrate with or supersede existing systems with the potential to bring huge business benefits.

Cost Control

While we believe that investment in your ICT is crucial, we also understand that budgets must be met. We will audit any or all areas of your IT spend to help generate savings. We can also put together a cost-effective IT Support Package tailored to your specific needs.

Technology Should Help, Not Hinder Your Business.

At Clarion we have been providing tailored Technology Solutions and Support Services to a broad spectrum of companies across multiple business sectors. We are able to draw on 20 years of experience and a wide range of technical expertise to help our clients with all their IT requirements.

Simplifying complex and leading-edge solutions is where we excel.

Book your one-to-one session today and take a positive step towards your future IT strategy.

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