IT and Telecoms Solutions for Charities and Hospices

Do you struggle to navigate your charity’s digital landscape? Could your IT infrastructure use a strategy to improve scalability? Or is your fundraising hindered by resource constraints, training, and expertise? Clarion can step in as your digital navigator, providing your foundation with essential digital solutions, telecoms systems and IT support to boost productivity and efficiency, reduce your IT spending and upgrade your infrastructure – allowing you to concentrate on making a meaningful impact.

3CX Phone System / phone system for charities / hospice phone system


VoIP Phone system for Charities, Hospices and Non-Profit Foundations

Simple, flexible and affordable, 3CX is an award-winning VoIP phone system for the Charity and Non-Profit sector. This modern phone system provides a Unified Communications platform for voice, video, messaging and chat that is perfect for remote teams and volunteers.

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Seamlessly Streamline your charity communications into one place all whilst respecting budget limitations

Our quick and easy-to-deploy Unified Communications solution enables your employees, visitors, volunteers and supporters of your organisation to phone, send a live chat message, start a video call or share documents.

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Charity phone solutions / mobiles for hospices / Charity Mobile Phone Experts


Spend less of your charity or hospice’s mobile phone tariffs with Clarion’s revolutionary Bill Analysis Software

Get the best rates on business mobiles for charities and NFPs and connect to all the major Networks. As we are independent of the Mobile Operators, Clarion can offer tailored packages on tariffs, handsets and other services, including special extra discounts for charities and NFPs.

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Give your charity or hospice the power of multi-level connectivity with single-centre control at a price that won’t break your budget

SD-WAN provides the flexibility required to accommodate a mobile workforce that enables any Hospice, Charity or Not-For-Profit to make far-reaching changes to their networks in a fraction of the time – and cost – of existing technology.

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Refurbished laptops / refurbished computers / laptops for charities


Sustainable IT hardware that makes your budget go further

Supply your teams and volunteers with leading brand Laptops, Desktops and Monitors, in Grade A condition, at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Charities buying refurbished laptops and desktops are also taking steps towards reducing electronic waste in landfills.

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Enhance your foundation’s digital infrastructure and communications between staff, volunteers and fundraisers

Clarion can help pinpoint and supply technologies with specific applications for the Charity & NFP sectors, reducing the pressures that IT Managers and Operations Teams are under to implement innovative services often within a tight budgetary framework.

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IT Support / ICT For Charities


Partnering with Clarion opens a gateway to affordable IT solutions that not only bolster your charitable initiatives but also fortify your commitment to environmental stewardship and the battle against Climate Change. As fervent advocates for sustainability, we champion a variety of green efforts including tree planting, remanufacturing programs, and hardware repurchase schemes. These initiatives are designed to support charities, hospices, and non-profit organizations in realizing their environmental objectives while simultaneously optimizing their IT expenditures.

Our dedication extends well beyond delivering cost-saving IT solutions. We’ve been instrumental in helping numerous charitable entities minimize their IT costs through the provision of premium, remanufactured equipment. Opting for Clarion is a step towards embedding sustainability within your educational endeavours and contributing profoundly to the health of our planet.


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